A Bit About Us...

Trista in Holland at 5 weeks old!
Here in the Winooski Valley, just miles from the Northeast Kingdom, and a hop, skip and jump from the headwaters of the Winooski which flows north all the way to Lake Champlain, is where we call home. Surrounded by dairy farmers, the "World's Best Cheddar" from Cabot, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,  Burke Mountain, and many many Maple Sugar makers, our lives are full of wonderful things. 
One of the most wonderful things we've been blessed with is our Bernese Mountain Dogs. I never dreamed I'd be owned by one, much less two, and have puppies on the way!! Sharing our  love of all our dogs with others is very rewarding for our family. We hold down our fort with the help of 3 children, 2 Berners, 4 English Jack Russells, and an incredible, beautiful English Mastiff girl named Marge. Your pup will be extremely well socialized by the time you bring him or her to YOUR home!
Our pups are born in our bedroom, and raised in the center of the bustle of our everyday lives. Every one receives personal attention and love. 
We also incorporate Bio-Sensor Stimulation into the daily cuddling of our pups. Read more about it here!


Berners' favorite pastime...playing in the snow with their kids!
Darcy and Dreamer with Lucy and 'B' litter...my Baina girl is looking at me, she is still with us!

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We feed a mix of high quality holistic foods, none contain corn, wheat or soy. We supplement with North American Kelp, and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.
The beautiful Sugar Maples in the Fall!